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​Secrets of Effective Stock Photography SearchSurfing the…

January 31, 2017

​Secrets of Effective Stock Photography Search

Surfing the Internet, it’s inevitable to stumble on dull, low-quality images. One of the main reasons we witness this is because not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to stock photo search tactics. We’re about to let you in on some insider secrets on how to find better, more engaging and original stock photography on Depositphotos.

Think like a photographer

Try a whole new approach to looking for images. Put yourself in the shoes of the photographer and remember some of the creative vocabulary that you would use to describe your perfect image. By using some simple photography vocabulary (double exposure, streak light, low light, blur), you can find some truly captivating images.

Reverse Image Search

Do you already have an image you love but can’t use due to copyrights? Save the image and try reverse image search on Depositphotos. You will find an abundance of similar images in seconds.

Symbol + emotion = story

Symbols are all around us. Instead of being literal, try searching for symbols of the object or subject you’d like to depict. Pair this with a word for an emotion and you will stumble on a more storytelling image. Try pairing the words paddle + surfer + lonely.

These 3 tips will ensure a more creative and original selection of images. Once you’ve picked your favourite ones and are ready to purchase them, choose our new Flexible plan. Your monthly subscription will be $29 a month with all additional purchases just $1 each. It’s that simple.

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